A workout, how does that word make you feel?
Will you jump around like a puppy (in your head), just because you are so EXCITED to head to gym or outdoors to get that sweat on?
I am most definitely that puppy. I have noticed that when I don't get to exercise I become grumpy and short tempered a bit like without a proper morning coffee. I train very differently from day to day. Pilates is my favourite style. It's the most versatile workout I do. In Pilates I choose a theme for every workout. One day it can be all about postural muscles and alignment,the next strength and speed. Rubber bands are very useful in a workout like Pilates. They can assist,but also get your body to work harder. If my body is tired I will choose to stretch and get some mobility practise done. There are various ways to practise Pilates. You can just use an exercise mat and your body weight,or add small equipment,or simply sign up to a Pilates apparratus class.
 I also teach Pilates retreats where a wellness group head to a location with me ,workout for a week and then head back home. These types of wellness trips are getting more and more popular. People have all the time in the world on holidays so they find it a lot easier to take care of themselves. 
Naturally REST days are equally as important, along with a healthy diet and water intake. During rest days I plan my next workout and give myself time to recover.
Working out makes me feel energized, happy,less stressed (which luckily I'm not that often) and a lot LESS tired! 
Which is amazing. 
If  for some reason I have to stay at home and don't get to workout  I get extremely tired as well as moody. I find it unbelievable how a simple thing like exercise can change your whole day. 
If you are not a huge fan of working out I suggest choose your style, try it for a week,slowly no need to over do it and see what a difference it makes.

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