Pilates = Healthier life

Pilates could help you to start a healthier life. So many people struggle with horrible mind-blowing back pain or extremely tight shoulder with a headache that no amounts of water or pain relief can cure
(Painkillers are only used to numb the pain not get rid of it).

What if I stated, " Come to Pilates, give it time and I can guarantee you will start to feel better and stronger". No, this is not a miracle cure, nothing is, but it will take you on the right track of getting healthier.

Never tried Pilates?

I have a few wonderful ideas for you to think about:

1. Sign up for one of my group classes if you are in the UK.

2. Order your own Pilates program from me with photos and

instructions on how to do each movement.

3. Contact me with a group of friends and join me at The Happy Hamlet for
   "The Taste Of Wellness" week on a time that suits you best. More information via email.

4. Receive a one on one class with me to get a personal workout face to face.

You can contact me via email info@pilatesjanica.com or messaging me on Facebook Pilates Janica.

Remember you only have one body, take care of it 365 days of the year.


Below is an interesting article regarding back pain and Pilates. 
Have a read and feel free to comment below.


Photo credit : Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


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