After I got hit by a van while driving my bicycle to work,
I was even more sure about my life. To achieve greatness and live to the full.
It´s the start of a new week. I have prepared my week quite well even if I say so myself.
Meetings, classes of Pilates, Ballet and stretching during the week.
I am doing my dream job and absolutely nothing takes me away from this.
When I wake up in the morning I feel light on my feet, energetic and ready for each day.
I was really meant to do what I do.
Thank you to my mother who took me to dance classes.

           A career was risen from that, which
                        will last a lifetime.

Image by Mandy Fontana from Pixabay
My job is extremely full filling.
I help people to find their self-confidence as well as exercise in a healthy and safe way.
So many people rush from day to day, from hour to hour and never stop until they
get sick and "burn out".
I let my clients stop and just think of themselves in my classes and Pilates trips.
I inform people about new exciting workshops and Pilates holidays on my Facebook
Pilates Janica UK
Before I could teach this I needed to learn it myself.
I do have to admit, running around from place to place and being exhausted all the time
is rough on your body and mind.
It takes a strong mind to stop bad habits and
this was definitely a very bad habit.

One day at a time I started to say no to overworking, to constantly trying to do everything,
every day, all the time.
I started to have rest days, started to read again and bit by bit I learned to love myself
and learned to work only as much as I personally wanted to.
I honestly think that anybody can

                            Make that change and enjoy life.


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