When you look at this sentence I bet you are thinking what in the world is she on about?

Your brain is an extremely complex organization which we have discussions with on a daily bases. The question remains what part of the brain to listen to various situations.

Social media is full of quotes which remind us to keep moving forward and never stop even if it scares you. The brain is constantly working on figuring out what choices to make at work, in relationships and on a day to day challenges. Our emotions whether we feel tired, happy, sad, excited or even hungry comes from the neurotransmitters in the brains and the body.

It is quite fascinating to see where your brain leads you.

In the customer service industry (which let's face it, is almost every job) you go through the thoughts on what the right reply is. How will this client react in order for both of us to be satisfied with the outcome?

I teach for a living and I get questions regarding my profession all the time.

Some are about the movement itself in Pilates training, some about how to get more flexible muscle wise and life-wise, some just about how to find a routine that will make them happier at what they do.

The brain also gives you a wake-up call when your body is breaking down. Some people call this burnout, some people total exhaustion. The brain helps you to finally STOP, THINK, PROCESS and how to START OVER.

This is one situation when the brain has one opinion 

                               "JUST STOP"

This is what I teach in my Pilates trips abroad and in my online courses.

(My website is Pilates Janica)

I help people to understand that it´s a good idea to listen to the brain when it tells you to have a break. It can be very hard for the individual who has been rushing around all of their life and to stop when someone suggests to them 

"Hey you can relax and still be in control of your life", but when they do listen and take in the advice you give them you can almost see the small change instantly.

Listen to your brain.

It a very wise piece of work. 

When you listen to it you will have no limits in your life.

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